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The Treasure Of The Castle

Location:  Castle  (45 min from Luxembourg city)
Group size: 15-40

Duration: 2 Hours


This animation is, at the same time, a role-playing game, a treasure hunt and a mysterious inquiry into the traces of a precious jewel.


This animation will get you back in time into the age of Louis XIV and allow you to use all your thoughts capabilities. Integrated with a team from 5 to or 8 people, you will deliver this race against the clock and against the other teams from your group to solve a series of puzzles related to the history of the castle. 


Each team represents a personality in history. You'll be sent in the corridors of the castle in search of clues that ultimately help you can, get your hands on the hidden secret. Time is your enemy!


*The activity can be followed by cocktail or dinner on demand…


Key Facts

  • Share Experiences

  • Motivate

  • Light hearted competition

  • Team Cohesion

  • Fun

  • Discover the hiden side of the Castle




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