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The Magic Trick Challenge - Team Building

Location:  Flexible
Group size: 10-100

Duration: 2-3 hours


Putting the magic into team building, literally.

When a magician comes in to a teamwork and gets people involved in solving or performing magic tricks, they can teach skills including team cohesion and good communication. It can also facilitate the development of creative approaches to problem-solving, and how to work within a limited time-frame. These skills are important in creating adaptable teams.

Learning in small groups to keep your colleagues secret and keep the mystery for the final presentation. Our magicians will give you a demonstration of the tour and will reveal the secrets of their achievements.

Each team will be trained and prepared by a magician for one hour in order to learn to make a complete trick with the supplied equipment.

It's up to you! In turn, colleagues will come to present their magic creations in team to the whole group. See how magic can enhance teamwork, patience, focus, risk-taking, and problemsolving.

Success guaranteed, but also failures, beautiful surprises and laughter! This animation will remain an excellent memory for all!


Key facts:

  • Teamwork 

  • Patience

  • Team Cohesion

  • Problem solving

  • Focus

  • Risk-taking




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