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The Blackout Team Game - Team Building

Location:  Luxembourg
Group size: 10-80

Duration: 2Hours

Where? : Luxembourg-city
Language: English/French/German


Your mission will be to save the city from chaos!

You have been tasked with the crucial mission of bringing back the electricity supply in the city, which has been affected by a massive blackout caused by a group of anonymous hackers. The situation is dire as the modern world faces total destruction if the power remains out. However, what the public does not know is that an emergency generator is providing power to the city.


Your team of 4 to 6 people has a limited time of two hours to stop the hackers, reinstate the power supply, and prevent the most catastrophic event in recent history. 

Treat your team to a truly unforgettable experience with this unique and captivating augmented reality escape game in the heart of Luxembourg city. Let them be challenged and exhilarated like never before in a breathtaking adventure that they'll be talking about for a long time to come!


The fate of the city rests on your shoulders. Best of luck!

Key Facts

  • Teamwork

  • Time Management

  • Team Cohesion

  • Problem-solving

  • Competition

  • Visit the City of Luxembourg




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