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Green Steps - Team Building

Location:  Flexible
Group: 10-80

Duration: 1:30 Hours

The Earth is something we all share.


It is greatly influenced by global warming. It is past time for us to go green and reduce our CO2 emissions. We want to make environmental awareness more fun. As a result, we developed a new game concept that may be appropriate for your event.

How It Works:

Choose between indoor and outdoor Quiz games, iPad mini-games, and intriguing puzzles that will immerse you in a green spirit.


Many tasks that will appear on your screen will require your team to locate them. Each one represents a small step forward. This will result in a decrease in CO2. The combination of all of these steps can help you and your team achieve CO2 neutrality. Collect the most points possible to win the green challenge.


Each task will present you with a nature-related riddle. Nature will be saved if we save our planet. It is up to us to discover its wonders.



Total Game Duration: 1h30:

- Results ceremony / Q&A: 15 min

Keys Facts

  • Game for WFH teams

  • Creative thinking

  • Team Cohesion

  • Becoming CO2 neutral

  • Focus




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