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Green Steps - Team Building

Location:  Green Park in the city of Luxembourg 
Group: 10-100

Duration: 1:30 Hours


🌿 Eco-Explorer Challenge: Journey Through Environmental Knowledge!


This is an exhilarating team-building activity like no other, set in the lush green spaces of Luxembourg City! Gather your colleagues and embark on a mission to become champions of sustainability. 

How It Works:

Embark on an engaging outdoor quiz set in the green areas of Luxembourg. Your team will explore these natural spaces, finding checkpoints that appear on your screen.


At each stage, you will encounter an interactive quiz designed to deepen your understanding of impactful actions for reducing CO2 emissions. These activities help advance your team's progress toward carbon neutrality. Earn points by correctly answering questions related to nature to excel in the green challenge. This engaging and informative experience not only enhances your knowledge of environmental preservation but also showcases the natural beauty surrounding us.


The team that achieves the highest score will be awarded a symbolic trophy, for their commitment to ecological awareness!

Keys Facts

  • Interactive Challenges: Navigate through beautiful parks and urban green spaces, locating action points with your team. Each task you complete is a step towards reducing CO2 emissions, making a significant impact on our planet.

  • Team Competition: Every challenge adds points to your team’s total. Work together, strategize, and rally your team members to collect the most points and outshine your competitors in the quest for the Green Trophy!

  • Educational Fun: Engage in games and challenges that are not just fun but also enlightening. Learn fascinating facts about nature and discover key insights into sustainable energy through quizzes designed to test and expand your knowledge.




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