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GPS Team Rally - Team Building

Location:  Luxembourg
Group size: 10-60

Duration: 2-3 Hours


Use your GPS to find our animators around town and enjoy a fun team play experience!

We assign your teams to play alongside our animators at various stages where they must win the games in order to accomplish a shared objective.


How does it work?

The challenge helps participants to explore Luxembourg City's secret gems while also meeting our animators in various locations to play a variety of fun and challenging games. Your aim is to achieve full team cohesion and score as many points as possible!.


The mission:

Your group will be divided into teams. The GPS will determine your present location and then direct you to a series of locations preset into the GPS unit in order to locate our animators. Your aim is to get the most points from various enjoyable games with our animators. In the city of Luxembourg, your squad will face mild challenges. Let's put your team spirit to the test.


Departure: Place de Grand Theatre - Glacis (Limpertsberg)

Finish: Rive de Clausen (Grund)

Key Facts

  • Share Experiences

  • Motivate

  • Light-hearted competition

  • Team Cohesion

  • Fun

  • Discover the hidden side of the city




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