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GPS Team Rally - Team Building

Location:  Luxembourg
Group size: 10-60

Duration: 2-3 Hours


We get yours teams to play together with our animators in different checkpoints where they need to succeed the games to reach a combined goal.


GPS Orienteering is a favorite for getting teams working together and having fun; a great way to build teams while exploring a new or familiar area. 

The challenge allows both to visit the hidden facets of Luxembourg City, as well as to meet our animators in different places to play different fun and challenging games. Your goal is team cohesion and get a maximum of points!


We equip each of your teams with a GPS handset. Having logged onto satellites the GPS will pinpoint your current position with great accuracy and then guide you on a route to a series of landmarks programmed into the GPS unit to find our animators. Following a GPS route is quite straight forward in open areas, such as parkland where you can walk on a straight-line bearing. In the urban jungle and in the hidden parts of the city. It's not quite so easy when you only have a compass that pointing to a direction without any address! For example the GPS may be guiding you straight ahead but the junction you have reached only offers a left or right choice of routes. Decision time! Wherever you move, your current position is updated every few seconds with information about where you are in relation to your destination point.

Team game, great fun and will really appeal to those who can't resist the challenging games!

Key Facts

  • Share Experiences

  • Motivate

  • Light hearted competition

  • Team Cohesion

  • Fun

  • Discover the hiden side of the city




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