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Murder Mystery - Team Building

Location:  Flexible
Group size: from 20 pers.

Duration: 2-3 Hours


Murder Mystery is a corporate party concept, can be staged in an environment of great food, whether a sit-down dinner, buffet, lunch, tapas or cocktail style. In addition performed in unique environments and plenty of ambiance such as private venues, restaurants, hotels or cruise boats.


The Incident:

Half an hour ago, as one of the hotel’s guests walked from his room to the elevator, he passed the wide open door to a superior double room and what he saw when he peaked inside, petrified him!

A young woman was lying on the floor, between the bed and the bathroom door, in a pool of her own blood. She was dressed in black blouse and skirt, and a white apron. Her outfit made him conclude that she was one of the chambermaids of the hotel. He immediately hurried to the reception to inform the carnage about his horrible discovery. The police was notified and arrived at the hotel a few minutes ago.


The case:

The hotel and all its exits have been sealed and the guests, meaning you, have been detained to the ground floor until the case has been cracked.


So you see, if you want to be sleeping in your own bed tonight, you better get to work to help the investigators and solve this murder by finding the killer!

Key Facts
  • Team work

  • Team cohesion

  • Ice breaking

  • Time management

  • Problem solving

  • Strengthening compliance

  • Fun





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