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Corporate TOP DJ Workshop - Team Building

Location:  Skilz DJ Academy 
Group size: 06-20

Duration: Approx. 2 hours



Corporate Top DJ Workshop.

You will discover with your team an exclusive DJ experience.

It is dynamic - original - extremely professional - focused on the individual and the team - interactive - creative - inspiring - fun!

The Corporate DJ Workshop is an experience during which your team is taught by highly skilled teachers the basic art of being a DJ using professional equipment. There is an eye for the individual; everyone gets personal attention from the teachers and an opportunity to actually apply what they learned. It is a real Team Building activity intending to energize everyone and fuel their creativity! A light-hearted competition will add more fun and excitement to this unique program.

How It Works:

You will discover the DJ world with your team and feel the feel of the gears. You will produce your own DJ mix, which will be recorded on a Video Podcast. Memories to last a lifetime!


The DJ Workshop:

We divide your group into several small teams. Each team will learn the basics of mixing live from our animators. At the end of the introduction and training, all the teams gather around a professional DJ stage to mix and record a live podcast. You will receive your podcast on a USB key as a souvenir!


Example Timing: 

17:00 – 17h05 Arrival of Participants
17:05 – 17:15  Introduction and forming teams
17:15 – 19:00 Dj workshop (Learning the basics of the mix with our animators)
19:00– 19:30  DJ mix with the all team and recording Live Podcast. You will receive the video on a USB stick, as a souvenir!

Pop up Party.

Bring your colleagues, and we'll handle the rest!

Location:  Skilz DJ Academy 
Group size: 06-40

Duration: Approx. 4 hours

Host your private cocktail party at Skilz DJ Academy! Whether you are looking to host a team, birthday, anniversary celebration, business meeting, or just get together with partners and friends, then this concept is right for you!

Music, an open bar, and a good time are all part of the Pop Up Party. You'll learn about the world of DJing with your team and get a taste of what it's like to mix on a Pioneer DJ Pro. With the help of our animators, you may create your own animation.

100% Fun!

Pop Up Party is also offered as a private reception at an external location, where you may celebrate and have a wonderful time in a unique setting.

House, deep house, 90er, charts, and more types of music are available. The private Pop Up Party package includes everything you'll need for a truly memorable event, including a venue, professional DJs, drinks, cocktails, finger food, and our 20 years of entertainment experience.

Do you have a special request? We can adapt the theme of the party according to your need.

Key Facts

  • Share Experiences

  • Discover an Exclusive art

  • Light hearted competition

  • Team Cohesion

  • Fun

  • Icebreaking




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