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Master Sushi - Team Building

Location:  Luxembourg
Group size: 10-30

Duration: 2 Hours


Experience the preparation, tasting and presentation of sushi. This workshop is hands on and guaranteed to demystify the history and the art of sushi preparation with our Master Chef.


How to select ingredients for sushi, roll sushi and make sushi rice. Work side-by-side these masters and learn how easy and fun making your own sushi can be.


Through the experience of making sushi, immerse yourself in Japanese culture with all five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling.


Our Jury will select the best team that comes out with the most original and tasty creation. The best creation will be rewarded with a Shushi Chef Cup...

Key Facts

  • Learn a skill

  • Creativity

  • Team Cohesion

  • Time Management

  • Icebreaker

  • Fun




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