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Photo Scavenger Challenge 

Venue:  Flexible - Indoor / Outdoor
Group: From 10 to several hundreds of participants.
Duration: 90 min




Photo Scavenger Challenge is a fun and very engaging Indoor/outdoor game! The idea is that participants can play from home, office, or anywhere else during this current social distancing period. Moving from spot to spot around your space living or working area while taking creative photos according to specific fun themes. The aim is to take the best photo of the whole game and vote for the best. But there is no need to take all the suggested photo challenges. The game will be followed by the viewing of the photos on a private link to vote for the best ones! 

Have fun and take cool photos!

Why this game is cool for this social distancing situation?

  • Suits well when conditions for players to move around are limited.

  • It needs only a smart device for each team or solo player.

  • Easy to explain to players and briefing time is short.

  • Suitable for any size group from 10 to several hundreds of participants.

  • Insert your company-specific content to the game for an extra fee.

Key Facts

  • Creativity

  • Team Cohesion

  • Fun & Motivation

  • Icebreaker

  • Increased complicity





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